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ZEEKO’s R & D office is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the ‘Alloy Series’ hydrofoil: The SPITFIRE Hydrofoil.
This foil is a revolution in terms of design. The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of an hydrofoil with surfboarding f eeling.
The Spitfire is the fruit of years of R & D geared towards fun. After developing a range of freeride foil wings, we have created the Carver wings and with the Spitfire we took it to a higher level and made a total breakthrough in design.
Our goal was simple: introduce a foil with the best control in the curves and a carving potential beyond standard.

For that, it was necessary to find a geometry creating the same feeling as a surfboard, to have a foil that does not stall during hard turns. This development has brought additional characteristics: the foil is more docile during the falls, is faster in light winds, has an incredible upwind ability all this with wings 30% smaller.


What’s new:

- 2 wings sets available
- New innovative, efficient and safe design
- Extreme carving capacity
- Excellent upwind
- Hydrofoil dedicated to wave riding and jumping
- Feeling of carving similar to surfboard
- New fast mounting plate


Included in the Spitfire package : 

- 1 transport wallet

- 1 user guide

- Allen keys

- 1 Tef gel tube

- 1 plastic wedge

- front & back wings (the model depend on your orders choice)

- 1 fuselage + screws of front & back wings

- 1 mast/plate + screws for mast/plate connexion

foil-board connexion screws are supplied with boards.


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