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 Windfoil is booming, with 8 years of experience, our new 2019 windfoil model is available. If you want to ride with an unequaled performance foil, the Zeeko alloy series windfoil will allow you to progress and exceed your limits in the light wind but also the medium wind.


After months of R & D with our team, we are pleased to unveil the 2018 ‘Alloy series’ of foils dedicated to windsurfing.




- Aluminum mast and fuselage

- Exceptional finish

- Profiles and hydrodynamics studied in digital wind tunnel

- Reinforced board connection

- A range of front wings and mast lengths covering all types of practice





- New XLW wing and new stabilizer : More performant and more stable

- XLW wing and G10 stabilizer

- Board connexion by quick-fixing plate, Tuttle or Deep Tuttle boxes

- New position of the mast on the fuselage for an optimized adjustment with a conventional slalom board (maximum width 86 cm) and better control

- Anti Ventilation Skin (AVS), to avoid spin out




The ZEEKO Hydrofoil is a very easy and efficient one. It has a very high stability and allows to progress serenely while having a very high speed potential (beyond 30nds). With its range of front wings and different mast lengths available, the ZEEKO hydrofoil will allow you to start with confidence but also to progress and push your limits.





Here are the advantages of using an aluminum foil rather than a carbon foil in order to learn to control the foil:

- Several mast lengths available (70cm, 90cm). You can learn with a 70cm long mast (ideal for the first trials) and progress with a 90cm long mast (ideal for freeride and performance). The balance will be easier to find than with a 1m long mast.

- The yaw effect is less felt: you get more control (to illustrate the yaw effect, look at the front view of a hydrofoil and imagine that the rear wing goes from right to left with fixed point the front wing).

- The speed is more easily controllable.

- The price, among the lowest on the market without losing quality, is a decisive argument for novices.

- The 850cm² XLW front wing with a powerful profile makes it possible to take off early and acquire a high cruising speed in control.



ZEEKO ALLOY SERIES:  A bombproof hydrofoil


Mast, platinum and fuselage are made of anodized and painted alloy.

All our Alloy series hydrofoils are made of a specific alloy (different from the 6061 alloys of most foils on the market), this alloy makes it possible to increase the rigidity of the hydrofoils but also to offer unequaled resistance to corrosion.

Moreover, when most of the hydrofoils on the market are only anodized, our foils are anodized AND painted with a paint that increases the glide and therefore the performance of the foil.






The connection to the board has been studied for maximum stiffness and strength.

Most boards used for the windfoil are not reinforced enough around the fin boxes, moreover the connection between the board and the foil must be as rigid as possible.

Indeed, if the connection between the foil and the board is not rigid enough then the foil is difficult to control.

After months of R & D, we have not validated a simple Tuttle connection (or even Deep Tuttle). Our choice was to design a plate or mini plate connection that can be associated with a Tuttle box or Deep Tuttle box (screws to connec to the board not supplied). Therefore no need to strengthen your boards. Stress and loads in the Tuttle box are reduced by 70%. This results in better strength and better control of the hydrofoil.


The mast is inserted on the plate or the mini plate in a alloy reinforcement increasing the rigidity of the connection foil / board and thus improving the control of the foil.


In tuttle mode (also compatible Deep Tuttle), the hydrofoil is compatible with all the boards of the market with a Tuttle box or a Deep Tuttle box check the location of the straps at the end of the present guide). The connection is made by two screws as a classic fin.


With Mini plate / Deep tuttle mode, the drag of the connection between the board and the mats is minimal while keeping an exceptional stiffness thanks to the integrated reinforcement.


With the plate screwed on 2 rails US under a board, 4 screws are enough to connect the foil and it is possible to modify its position under the board (move frontward the hydrofoil by 5cm in the short time for example help to ealy take off).

No need to completely unscrew the 4 fixing screws. Just loosen a 1/4 turn the two front ones and unscrew the 2 back ones, and the foil is disassembled.

The plate is compatible with all the boards of the market with 2 boxes US, holes location: 165X90mm



NEW FUSELAGE: less drag and new mast location


The fuselage has been redesigned with a new, further back mast position on the fuselage.

This new position has been optimized to use a slalom board with foil (recommended board width between 70cm and 86cm).

No need to have a specific board to use the ZEEKO foil and to have balanced foot pressure.

The fuselage is designed for a minimal hydrodynamic drag as much as a maximum of torsional stiffness .

Its 77cm length allows a very easy control of the foil and a very good maneuverability. The position of the mast has been studied for maximum control during high speed rides. Also, this position of the mast further back on the fuselage facilitates the jibes.





The profiles of the front and rear wings have been studied and developed for maximum stability, a high speed and a early take off.

The wings are made of G10 fiberglass for unprecedented rigidity, unparalleled profile accuracy and rugged durability.

In addition, the G10 is an easily repairable material if needed.

The XLW (850cm²) front wing has a smaller surface area compared to the 2017 model. The thicker profile and the higher aspect ratio allow for an as early take off as the 2017 model while having a higher maximum speed (beyond 27knots/31Mph) and an improved upwind  capacity.

The RACE front wing (540cm²) has anhedral for a better control of the yaw effect at high speed (maximum speed higher than 30knots/34.5Mph).

The stabilizer has been redesigned with more Aspect Ratio and a reduced drag profile. The upwind performance is improved as well as the control during the jibe.

The ZEEKO hydrofoil is very easy to ride on the windward heel which gives it a powerful and fast upwind capacity.



Hydrofoil wings ventilation occurs violently when air enters the surface of your foil wing as it approaches the surface of the water. This result is an inevitable fall, wether you are an expert or beginner.

The Anti Ventilation Skin (AVS), is a new process of manufacturing foil wings in G10. Thanks to a 3-dimensional grooving design of the foil wings, it is now possible to reduce the ventilation phenomena to a minimum. The AVS acts like  a multitude of fences or a shark skin preventing the air from rushing all along the wing.

Thanks to the AVS do not fall any more when your foil wing is clode to the surface of the water. Gain confidence and ride without thinking. 




This vertical fin is replaceable (standard size: 4.0cm), it offers great yaw stability (ideal for beginners), it can be replaced by a taller fin (8.0cm for example) to reduce the yaw or a shorter one (2.5cm) for those looking for maximum maneuverability. The vertical fin is placed underneath to protect the foil when touching the seabed.


A full range of optional fins available in 2017


You will be able to use your Alloy Series foil with the XLW front wing (standard equipment). You will also be able to equip you with an optional Race wing allowing you to make your best runs.All our compatible wings and fns are made of fiberglass and not made of carbon fiber to avoid the electrolysis problems between the two materials.





The alloy pieces are anodised and painted (exclusive ZEEKO), offering a double protection. The alloy used is the most resistant to salt water. Also, all our alloy serires hydrofoil are supplied with aT-Gel tube. The Tef-Gel stops galvanic corrosion between A4 stainless steel screws and aluminum components and prevents oxydation. It is recommended to use T-Gel for the screws provided during the purchase. When you buy, all the screws are already treated with Tef-Gel during assembly in our factories.


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