Notus Air 2018

8 m / 12 m / 15 m

Cena: 3599 zł

The first generation of Notus AIR was dedicated mainly to foil.
In 2018, the Notus AIR has been completely redesigned for optimized use in hydrofoilling but also in waves equipped with a surfboard or a twin tip board in light winds. The Notus AIR is dedicated for all those who want a very light kite (ultra stable) but also a fast kite in turns and a drift with confidence (ideal for surfing). Usable with a Twin tip board, a surfboard or a foilboard, the Notus AIR will accompany you in all your trips with its featherweight and will delight you with its ease in all wind conditions. WHAT’S NEW IN 2018 - New size available
- Lower aspect ratio of the kite
- Reduction of the diameter of the leading edge
- Wider tips
- New 10% shorter Bridle System
- New method of assembling valves   PERFORMANCES 
The 2018 Notus AIR is available in 15m²12m² and 8m² sizing. Its versatile program is optimized for each kite size. The 15m² is designed for the best low end, the 12m² is the most versatile and the 8m² is ideal in waves and foil riding.
The aspect ratio of the 2018 Notus AIR has been reduced to increase the power in light wind and allow the kite to be more ‘sitting’ in the wind window. This new feature makes it ideal for surfing but also for a twin tip use. The Notus AIR gains versatility while keeping its legendary lightness. The reduced aspect ratio finally allows the kite a better relaunch for more confidence in light winds. 
The diameter of the leading edge of the kite has been reduced to decrease its weight and gain acceleration. The result is a more stable and lively kite, ideal for jumps and hangtime in light winds.
The 2018 Notus AIR has wider tips than the previous model. This width provides more maneuverability and a better relaunching in the light wind. The kite is more playfull in twin tip use and drift well in use with a surfboard in waves. 
The 2018 Notus AIR are equipped with a new 10% shorter bridle system. This bridle length improves the dynamic qualities of the kite. Indeed, the short bridles allow a a shorter depower stroke, the kite depowers on a shorter bar movement. This characteristic makes it is possible to have an even more comfortable kite in the gusty winds, a better control in surf thanks to an optimal control of the power of the kite during a bottom turn or a roller. The jump take-off is much easier, edging the board is easier, the jumps stratospheric.
The kite gains in reactivity allowing a use in the light winds more comfortable (ideal with an hydrofoil) but also in waves, the kite reacts without delay to your requests. 
The valves of the leading egde and of the strut bladder are now made of polyurethane, the same materials as the tubes. This material makes it possible to assemble by fusion of the two elements. There is no sticking of the valves, it results in a much longer life span of the bladders and a greater strength.
Teijin Double Ripstop Frabric
All the ZEEKO kites are made of Double Ripstop spinnaker By Teijin
Teijin is the world leader in spi fabrics.
They are ultra light and very resistant to tearing.
Thus, after 2 years to equip our kites with dacron reinforcements, we decided to use a simple layer of spinnaker instead on the trailing edge.
Our various aging tests show that even if the kite is lightened, it will always age as well thanks to our very resistant fabric and the coating
we use is less ‘cripsy’ than the fabrics of the competitors. A fabric with a softer fiish keeps its characteristics throughout the time. A crisp fabric
is rewarding in store, but deteriorates much faster in use.
XLW Xtra Light Wind Manufacturing 
The Notus AIR is lighter at strategic locations for more performance, stability and responsiveness in the light wind.
The Notus AIR is designed with only one infltable strut (one pump equipped) for a reduced weight to a minimum.
Thanks to the double Ripstop spinnaker fabric, the kite is just as strong but lighter. It is even more stable in light winds and gains in responsiveness. The weight of the reinforcements has been reduced by 30% compared to a classic kite.
Do not adapt yourself to the kite, NOTUS AIR adapts to you 
The bridle system is designed to increase the reactivity in light winds,
waves and foil riding.
The 3 possible settings of the rear bridle make it possible to tune the
behavior of the Notus AIR.
- In Freestyle position, the kite has more pop, is more stable and has more slack in the lines.
- In the Freeride position, the bar pressure is moderate and the kite reacts under all circumstances.
- In Foil-Wave position, the kite has lighter bar pressure, the relaunching is easier and kite turns faster.
Bridle system : new low friction rings 
Bridle passing inside the ring made using Cousin-Trestec Dynestar rope: better aging 
Auto adaptative bridle system 
The bridle tension is automatically adjust depending on your riding style.
- More responsive, ideal for surfig and use a 46cm bar width, even with
the big kite sizes.
- Best pop when the kite is sheeted in : Easier lines slack for unhooked
- More depower : Ideal for wave riding
- Even when the kite is sheeted out, it turns instantly
Hyper concave trailing edge 
- Less drag : more acceleration, more hang time
- Less kite flttering during turns, and prevents the aging of the kite.
- Removal of fier battens on the tips : Kite more stable and lighter 
Reduced diameter 
- Kite is lighter : the kite drifts perfectly during surf moves, without falling
down or collapsing
- More reactivity : Performance in radical surfs, easy kite loops
- Lighter bar pressure : ride for hours 
Onward center of effort 
- More stability in wave riding, kite drifts easily
- Increased slack of the lines
- Greater responsiveness
Hyper leading edge segmentation 
2018 Notus AIR : 28 segments.
- Better shape defiition : more lift and performance, increased flight window
- More rigidity : the kite becomes more rigid and responsive 
High flow inflation valve
The inflation of the kite is faster, less stressful for your back. The valve is equipped with a non-return valve allowing you to inflate the wing


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