Air Race

Deska dedykowana do Hydrofoila

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What’s new:

- New building with carbon reinforcements: The AIR RACE is built with a new full sandwich construction. Rails are made of 100% carbon fibers.
The board is even stiffer. The result is a much more direct driving and foolproof solidity.

- New location of the US rails on the bottom of the board. US rails are now 90mm apart (instead of 85mm). These rails can change the position of the foil under the board to fit accurately to the desires of each rider.


SIZE : 150cmX46cm


- More stable board
- Reduced wind surface during jumps
- Safer during crashes with the nose!
- Travel with a shorter board


P A D S & I N S E R T S
3 pieces Pads covering the board: ideal for the strapless feet positioning

Front straps inserts:
- in-line: perfect for wave riding and for beginners
- In V: ideal for high speed foil control and jumps


100% Carbon RAILS:
The board is more impact resistant and stiffer


EPS core, AIREX / BAMBOO reinforcements / Fiberglass
Reinforced rails
CNC shaping

The channels present on the deck help to grab the board in freestyle tricks.

Progressive scoop for more control in the waves.
The deep double concaves facilitate the control during stop and goes and lead to an earlier take off.


Foil mounting by US rails: reliability, simplicity and accuracy of the settings
Reinforced AIREX core


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